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Agile 2008 – Dependency Management in a Large Agile Organization

Posted by Mike Longin on August 7, 2008

Presented by Eric Babinet and Rajani Ramanathan

This presentation was presented by employees of  For those that don’t know, salesforce is one of the most prestigious SAAS (software as a service) companies and has implemented Scrum across the board.  This session spoke to the issues of dependencies over multiple teams in an agile enviroment.

A few interesting ideas that they presented and I wanted to get down were (with my own take on it of course):

  1. Key values for success in an Agile enviroment
    • Transparency
    • Feedback
    • Automation 
  2. All teams should be part of the release planning cycle. It shouldn’t be just a top down affair
  3. Teams meet at the beginning of each realease to map out all of the expected dependencys.  Helps to identify where the bottle necks are going to be early on.
  4. Concept Reviews
    • Members from multiple teams meet to discuss implementation and ideas.  Encourages cross team collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  5. Virtual Architecture group
    • Members are composed of members from the individual scrum teams
    • Different members have familiarity with differnt parts of the system
  6. Build Master
    • Babies the build
    • Rotates over multiple people

It is easy to see that the solutions to dependency that SalesForce found were based around communication and cooperation.  And when looking at it froma  distance it is pretty easy to see that this is where the solution would be found.


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