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Agile 2009 – Applying modern software development techniques to automating the web UI

Posted by Mike Longin on August 28, 2009

Chris Taylor ( and I have been working on this presentation for the past year.  The synopsis is that we need to take the lessons learned from development and apply them to automated testing.

Two quotes have really influenced us in this:

  • “Automated testing done right is Software Development” –Elfriede Dustin and Marcus Borch @ GTAC 2008
  • “Recorders are the training wheels of the automation world” –Loosely translated from Jason Huggins @ AA-FTT 2009

The presentation went off really well.  The best part were the questions at the end and the realization that we need to start providing tools for new people to really learn automation techniques.  Over the next month I am going to start creating smaller presentations on how to create automation from the ground up and how to avoid different pitfalls.

You can find the slides for the presentation here :

Below are also some of the pictures from the event (thanks John for taking these for us)


One Response to “Agile 2009 – Applying modern software development techniques to automating the web UI”

  1. Mike-

    I **love** this idea, and would love to talk to you a little more about some of your smaller presentation ideas. I had a similar revelation during Bob Martin’s Clean Code talk, that we should be applying these same ideas to test automation, and was planning on starting to put together talks along this same theme.

    I am happy to see that other people are already steps ahead of me, and would love to see how I can contribute to what you are doing, and hopefully compliment the talks that you guys have already planned out.

    Let’s talk … you have my info 🙂

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