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Agile 2009 – Selenium Open Space

Posted by Mike Longin on August 30, 2009

The last day I was in Chicago I attended the Selenium Open Space sponsored by Adam Goucher (  There was no real pupose to the meet up, but I wanted to spend some more time talking to Adam and Jason Huggins (creator of Selenium) and to continue the debate of the future of the Selenium IDE.

A couple of my favorite points from the conversation were:

  • Why the name selenium
    • Selenium is the cure for Mercury poisoning
  • Evolution of a Test Script (by Adam)
    • Record
    • Add Checks
    • Data Drive
    • Make Smart
    • Scale
  • Selenium IDE is the gateway drug to Selenium RC
    • But how many make that transition
  • Industry needs to recognize that people do not know how to write Automated tests and test cases
  • Google Idea
    • Leave the tests running all day on a public screen and let users watch and see if they can point out visual defects

2 tools that I would like to look at:

  • Cubic test – an IDE for Selenium\watir
  • FireFinder – a plugin for firebug that helps with CSS Selectors

Adam also had some great quotes that I wanted to recognize

  • Everyone is responsible for the quality of the project vs everyone is a developer and everyone is a tester
  • Automation does not tell you that your product is working, intead it tells you that it is not broke

Was well worth spending part of the morning there.  Automated tests really are our present and future but the tools still need direction.  Sitting there, and speaking with Jason who has written one of the most successful open source automation tools available makes me realize just how much farther we have to go.


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