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UltiFit goes Open Source

Posted by Mike Longin on August 12, 2010

About a year ago I had the good fortune to attend the AAFTT 2009 meeting in
Chicago. While there I demonstrated an internal Windows based tool for running
Fitnesse tests that we had named UltiFit that we were hoping to release to the
open source community. Since then we have added some great new features and
spent over 90 days on stability and reliability testing by supporting our entire
suite through a full release cycle with no issues reported. That being said, I
am extremely excited to announce that it is now available for download at

The primary purpose for the development of UltiFit was to create a tool for
“push button regression” of your Fitnesse-based testing inventory, achieving
overnight (for multiple platforms) what might otherwise require an entire team
working all week (for a single platform). When we started using Fitnesse
combined with our UI testing tool (SWAT) we found that tests would fail and
cause a systematic collapse of all of the tests after it. Additionally the
standard fitnesse suite interface did not allow us to run tests from multiple
suites at once. With that in mind we went about creating a more robust test
runner. Initially UltiFit allowed the execution of a single test at a time.
Since then we have added grid functionality which allows a cluster of machines
to share responsibilities for running Fitnesse tests. Internally we use UltiFit
to run our UI automation tool (SWAT) and running just one team’s tests could
take as long as 12 hours. Once the grid functionality was introduced we were
able to drop that time to under 4 hours. Since we always have the option to add
more servers to the grid, we can shave even more time if we choose.

Some of the additional benefits of UltiFit include:

  • Hands free automated execution/management of a group of individual Fitnesse/SWAT tests
  • Recovering from any issues during execution
  • Killing tests that are stuck for some reason
  • Organizing/reporting the results and system information
  • Archiving history of test results making it easy to find exactly when a test failed along with complete details of what failed
  • Detailed timing information captured for each test and for total group of tests
  • Easily re-running failed tests (only)
  • Command line interface enables scheduled execution
  • Grid based execution can dramatically improve regression time (Both XP and Vista supported)
  • Loosely coupled, easily configurable design:
    • Involves a single .exe for regular or grid-based deployment
    • Tool is easily configured for any new Fitnesse test inventory

In short, UltiFit allows us to execute and manage our tests while we sleep.
Hopefully at least 1 or 2 others may find this useful as well. If you have any
questions or are interested in helping out with development please let me know
or visit us at


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