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Cloud Based Management

Posted by Mike Longin on August 23, 2010

This blog is probably not what you think it will be about.

Where I work we have a very flat management structure.  What this means to us is that their are very few steps between an employee and a director.  In fact virtually all members of a team report directly to a director.  Currently there are about 200 members of the staff and 2 directors (though we are scaling up to 4).  As part of this, we have created what I am calling a cloud based management team.  What this means is that while people have a direct supervisor, they tend to go to any supervisor to discuss any issue.  If director A is busy, people go see B and vice versa.  This tends to allow people the ability to talk to people that they are most comfortable with and also allows more access to our directors since they are so interchangeable.  Overall I have found this to be an incredibly simple, yet effective way to manage a large group of people without a large amount of overhead.  It is definitely not a perfect solution (which I believe to be one of the reasons we are scaling up), however it has been working well for us.  I believe that as we scale up it will be more like adding nodes to the cloud and not forcing people to deal with one specific manager.


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