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SWAT 3.0 Released

Posted by Mike Longin on January 19, 2011

We are very excited to announce the release of SWAT 3.0.  The biggest announcements are the new support of Chrome on the Windows OS and Safari on OSX.  In addition we now support calling SWAT from the command line independent of any test runner tool.   Finally we have made a roughly 30% improvement on the speed of SWAT running against the IE browser.  As usual we have also fixed a number of bugs and smaller issues that are detailed in the complete release notes.
New Features and Updates
  1. New Browsers Supported
    1. Chrome
      1. New custom built plugin for Chrome allows SWAT to easily control the Chrome Browser
    2. Safari
      1. Custom app for OSX now allows SWAT to stream commands to an OSX based system.
  2. SWAT Console
    1. Tests can now be run independent of any test runner.
    2. As of now this feature is for SWAT only and does not support any custom fitnesse fixtures.
  3. New Commands
    1. UI
      1. AssertJSDialog
        1. Added an optional timeout to allow users to select how long the command will search for a dialog box
      2. AssertTopWindow
        1. Allows users to verify if a window is the top most window on the screen
    2. Database
      1. RestoreAllTables
        1. Users can now restore all of the tables they have saved at once instead of one at a time
  4. Defects Resolved
    1. CORE – AttachToBrowser always finds the about:Blank window
    2. CORE – DB Connect now automatically closes the old connection when it creates new ones
    3. CORE – FF – AssertElementExists will find an element when the identifier is empty
    4. CORE – FF – PressKeys does not ignore CancelEvent in Javascript
    5. CORE – FF – Special characters above the standard 128 return correctly when
    6. CORE – FF – The AttachToWindow failure due to “OK” being added to title has been fixed
    7. CORE – IE – attachToModalDialog is now setting the currentIEBrowser
    8. CORE – IE – Browser screenshots work correctly in IE9
    9. CORE – IE – KillAllOpenBrowsers is now respecting AbandonTest
    10. CORE – IE – OnBeforeUnload JSDialogs in IE9 are compatible with SWAT
    11. CORE – IE – PDF pages open automatically in IE9
    12. CORE – Screenshots don’t throw a “Not attached to window” exception.
    13. CORE – SQL checks are passing in the editor and not in Fitnesse
    14. CORE – SWAT waits for all frames to load when waiting for the browser
    15. EDITOR – Editor is respecting the -c attribute for included files
    16. EDITOR – Values of 0 can now be saved in the Delay between commands option

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